Coming in the Spring of 2020 a New 12 Team Campus Nation Football League

CNPFL PRESS RELEASE August 10, 2019 Jeffersonville, Ohio

After two years of broadcasting PAFL and BCFL games, Campus Nation will be launching a Spring professional football league in 2020. Unlike the NFL where networks vie for the rights to NFL broadcasts, the Campus Nation Professional Football League (CNPFL) will make the new league the center piece of our websites and Internet TV network.

“Rick Phillips and I started talking about broadcasting minor league sports 4 years ago. After 30 years of coaching high school and college football, my interest was in developing a successful minor league football association with aspirations of being on par with minor league baseball. After studying the reason why the NFL, NBA, MLB and minor league baseball succeed and why minor league football doesn’t, we believe we’ve come up with answers for making minor league football just as successful”, said Bill Hrabak, Campus Nation’s Director of College and Professional Sports Programming.

Campus Nation owner, Rick Phillips added, “I want to emphasize that CNPFL is not targeting any particular minor league. I told Bill to send an invitation to every minor league team in the Midwest area and in turn send a league application to any team that requested one. The vision of the CNPFL is to create a league of stable, top quality teams that will complete entire seasons and be with us for years to come. It’s as important to us that the management aspect of the teams is as strong as the team on the field. It is our intent that all ownership and management groups share the same vision we have for the CNPFL.”

Just to clarify: Campus Nation has NOT acquired ANY league. Anyone who is leaking this “misinformation” is simply trying to “stir the pot”, Sydney Alexis, Campus Nation’s Marketing Director.

Definition of Campus Nation’s Professional Football League

Some people have questioned why Campus Nation has decided to use the word professional within the name of its new football league. The best way to answer this question is by addressing one of the League’s goals, which is to run a league where the players are earning a small sum of money to play football. It must be understood that this will not happen in the first several years of the League’s existence but eventually we envision players getting enough money to cover travel and food expenses incurred through their association with the League.

The Campus Nation philosophy of running a professional league can be drawn from a couple of the primary definitions of the word professional. According to Webster, the word professional, is characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession; exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace. It is Campus Nation’s intent to run a highly organized, ethical, high tech league, ran in a businesslike manner down to the last detail. When we accomplish our goals, the CNPFL will bring a high-quality product to our League’s communities, on and off the field, which will attract fans and sponsors far and wide.

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